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Boots on, time to go

Leaving the gîte

Is that bad weather coming ?

Ok on with the wet weather gear under the shelter of a...

At the hot springs. We drop the backpacks

Terry tests the water temperature

Sandra wonders , "will I go in for a dip or not?"

The valley looks mystical with the mist hanging there

Fairytale mushrooms. Where are the gnomes ???

Route description time

There's another interesting mushroom !

Mid morning snack break time

Another boulderfield to cross

The peaks around us come and go as clouds drift by

And the boulder fields seem to be getting bigger

We descent to a lake

Which seems to be surrounded by boulder fields. Another climb thru them...

As we get to the next Pass the view is breathtaking

And our Refuge roof peaks through the trees in the distance

A welcome sight to arrive there as the rain starts again!

Our home for the night. Refuge des Besines 2004m

Terry makes quick use of the innovative drying cupboard next to the...

My picnic for the day

Terry enjoys one of her 2 BIG sandwiches in her picnic

Goods for sale at the refuge ...on display from pegs

Refuge guardian in his pink apron about to add wood to the...

The Refuge is a lots of fun after dinner !!!

Day's Overview

Had a late start and then did the usual climb up to the top of the Pass. Took a little over 4.5 hrs with some very steep sections but the path was always nice (often rocky) and the scenery lovely. Especially with the low clouds drifting through and changing what we could see.

Stopped at some hot spring pools and dipped our hands in but as it was spitting with rain there was no incentive to immerse ourselves. And no desire to make our towels wet! Higher up we stopped for a snack then went over a ridge and there was a beautiful lake below us. Looked like it was formed from a volcano crater and was surrounded by Boulder fields. At the top of the Pass we saw a guy coming in the other direction. Chatted for awhile and then descended quickly to the Refuge that we could see further down, as the clouds momentarily parted.

My fingertips still haven't regained all feeling from when they were frozen 3 days ago!

Lovely English couple, Lesley and Roger joined us for dinner

Distance 10km

Time 5.5hrs

Elevation Gain for the day 1300m descent 300m

High Point for Day. Porteille des Bésines 2333m

Accommodation Refuge des Besines


Bfast. My teff 'porridge' to which I added hot chocolate powder. Yum. And some of my rice cakes and jam

Lunch. 2 rice cakes ,omelette , 2 types of cheese, little tomato , Apple compote , orange

Dinner lentil soup, sausages and peas and onion,cheese, custard pudding

Day's Cost

Hot showers were €3 for 4 minutes. Using a token. Timing started from when the token was dropped into the machine ...which was OUTSIDE the shower cabin. Ha ha ha.

Wine ,picnic, dinner bed and breakfast and shower €56 including alpine club discount for Sandra and I


Rain on and off all day, with brief moments of sunshine to give us hope. But it wasn't cold.


A beautiful path with decent ways through all of the boulder fields


Lost the tip of one of my walking poles somewhere along the way so can no longer use it 𯘩𯘩𯘩

Sandra kindly gave me one of hers for the last descent as I am so dependent on my poles for descending. Climbing with one pole only was so much harder.

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