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A shower and clean clothing followed our coffee time this morning. Marilyn had my 32 ounce water bottle filled and ready to go. The difficult part of drinking all that water is to time things so that my bladder is full as I go in for the radiation treatment which lasts a short time. Then I am free to empty said contents before getting dressed to go home. Unfortunately the bathroom stops continue about every twenty minutes for several hours after leaving the Cancer Center.

Today the Doctor was waiting for me after the therapy. He suggested vitamin E to help with one of the side effects of the hormone injection so we stopped at Walmart for that.

Back at the RV I completed several chores and then Marilyn & I shared a very nice lunch of pulled BBQ pork, mashed potatoes, and mixed veggies. It was fine!

We relaxed with the computers on our laps until it was time for Marilyn to leave for a drive to Palmyra where she was meeting Jen & Lauren for the drive to Quincy.

I will be relaxing all by myself with some TV and a good book until my Honey gets home.

Tomorrow I will be leading a tour of Cameron Cave and I look forward to that. Wednesday, we will have friends visiting and we’ll go out for lunch. It will be nice to visit with Jesse & Ginger again. Then on Thursday we are driving to Quincy to have lunch at a Thai restaurant with longtime friends, Norb & Maggie. Friday we plan to join Bob & Janet and maybe Jesse & Ginger for lunch in Palmyra.

So you can see that the RV life hasn’t changed our schedule much. Life is Good!

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