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View from the fortress over Wurzburg

The Residence

Street performers

The beautiful town itself

Arriving in Wurzburg it was clear to see straight away what a picturesque town this was. The houses and churches all painted different colours in a traditional German style.

We decided to take a stroll through the town centre and up to the fortress over looking the city. This gave us a beautiful view of town, filled with many churches and vineyards disappearing into the distance.

We then took a guided tour around The Residence built for the King of Wurzburg. It is a breathtaking building inside and out and is home to the biggest ceiling mural in the world. The detail on the ceiling was incredible especially as the painter included elephants which he had never seen and countries he had never visited.

The next room we moved into had no colour all the plaster board had been left white. It was filled with spires, curtains and people. Once again the detail was incredible. The guide explained the room was colourless as people would spend hours watching ceremonies under the very colourful room next door, so would move into the colourless room after to rest their eyes.

We then visited a room made of mirror where the paintings where painted on backwards.

We were not allowed to take any pictures inside but this was the best palace we have ever seen.

Walking back through town we saw lots of people singing, acting and performing as part of a festival. The atmosphere was lovely with lots of locals showing their support.

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