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After a good night of sleep we felt energized this morning. Marilyn fixed the coffee and we sipped that while watching the TV for the latest news about Hurricane Irma. We have constant concerns for our friends in Florida and offered prayers for them several times each day.

Marilyn cleaned the RV inside and did several loads of laundry while I drove to the store to pick up some supplies. I washed and waxed the car and now little Casper looks quite nice again. Marilyn helped me with finishing the car when my back began to hurt and forced me to sit down in a lawn chair for a few minutes.

I then used the air compressor to add air to the truck tires and the air ride system on the RV. With those jobs complete I picked up my equipment and put things away, happy to have accomplished something meaningful today.

A knock on the door interrupted my reverie as a lady camper had car trouble with a dead battery. I retrieved my jumper cables from the truck and drove down to her site, connected the cables and soon had her car running fine. That was my good deed for the day.

Marilyn & I relaxed with the computers and the TV, as we talked about plans for our travel to the Rio Grande Valley around Nov 1st. We will spend a couple of weeks at our winter home in Texas and then drive back to Hannibal for about a week of “Doctor” activity before driving back to the Rio Grande Valley. If our plans work out we’ll travel with our friends, Bob & Janet.

Life is Good!

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