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We happily set off not knowing what's to come

Wonderful views as we got to the first Plateau. Light rain just...

Time to don the wet weather gear

Cloud is low as we start to climb

As we shelter outside a locked cabin for a snack a cold...

4 hrs later we see the Refuge and are relieved. Although perhaps...

But the sign says Refuge de Rulhe

We are all happy!! Just the descent to the refugep

Views from the refuge window. Once I got some feeling in my...

There's a hint of blue sky out the window. But only for...

Meanwhile wet clothes abound in the dining room near the heater

We squat the table next to the heater and Sandra teaches us...

And we warm up with a bottle of red from the Refuge

Day's Overview

A challenging Day. Our MOST challenging day to date. Left in Ok weather. Started to rain. At 2 hrs in a serious front came through and it started to lightly hail. As we climbed to over 2000m it turned to snow. We then climbed along a high mountain ridge for 4 hrs with steep drops either side and wind and snow. It was slippery and rocky and challenging to climb at times with tricky manoeuvres that required Ottley hand and foot holds. In fact it was mostly tricky! Especially when my fingers weren't feeling anything. I tried to hold on with the Palm of my hand as I could feel that. After every peak we thought we would descend and there was another peak to climb. Three passes, all over 2000m. We were freezing. Couldn't feel our hands. Except Sandra. Couldn't feel my walking poles that I needed to keep balanced. Many boulder fields to cross. I hate them in the dry. Let alone with slippery snow. As we finally descended, the falling snow turned to sleet. Finally the Refuge was in sight. At 2185m. A scary day.

Many people in the Refuge. They had mostly come for the weekend from a point in the local valley. Hardly anywhere to dry clothes. Soaked boots surrounded the wood heater

Finished with wine and a game of cards and felt in better spirits.

Distance 14km

Time 6 hrs

Elevation Gain for the day 1000 Descent 600

High Point Crête des Isards 2381m

Accommodation Refuge de Rulhe. We had a room to ourselves with 4 beds. ( 2 bunks)

Alt. 2185m


Bfast usual

Lunch picnic in refuge on arrival

Dinner veg soup. Meat stew and rice. Apple compote, cheese, GF bread!!

Day's Cost

€56 incl picnic and wine


Snow rain hail fog and freezing.


Getting through without anyone hurting themselves. Sandra did an amazing job of leading us

The guardian from last Refuge called our Refuge to see if we had made it!!


Terry was ill with a fever and nausea for the first 3 hrs. Then it passed what a challenge for her

My finger tips still felt tingly and somewhat numb even as I went to bed

No lights in the bedrooms bathrooms or spiral staircase to the bedrooms !

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