2017 Milena with Campbells & Bareboat Bora Bora travel blog

Our map of travel today. (The red heart is our lunch stop)

1. Lunch time stop

2. Lunch buddy

3. Beach at the lunch stop

Lunch: meat balls in tomato sauce

Entering the Sivota area


Mini music boat next to us

1. Nelson: doing his dinner pleas

2. Nelson: doing his dinner pleas

3. Nelson: doing his dinner pleas

4. Nelson: doing his dinner pleas

Close up of our music boat neighbor

It's Proseco time

Marina doing the Proseco bottle opening

Cheers to us, we are ready to drink

Sunset in Sivota

One. More sensational dinner on board Milena

Robin: taken by Priscilla in the Melissani Lake-Cave, Cephalonia

Good morning from the sleepy little village of Vathy. How peaceful and calm our night was. The wind threats has subsided, so it is time for us to depart. Depending on the wind, will depend just where we spend the night. The winds are still from the NW.... so we would need a protected harbor from those winds. With just a little stern truster assistance from the port, and we were on our way.

. The first place Jacques picked for our lunch, was not too welcome by the two boats that were already anchored and happy. In fact, when one of the boats saw us in the midst of setting our anchor, they pulled up theirs, and left. Jacques not being happy, decided that he, too, would leave, and anchor opposite this small little cove, just North of a favorite beach of the local people on Meganisi.



Last time the three of us went to dinner, which was in Vathy Village, Meganisi, we were noticing that that are two wonderful greek dishes that we have not found on the Menus this year. One, meatballs in tomato sauce. This is a favorite dish of mine, and also Jacques, for just years. I am really frustrated with trying to find meatballs this year. To this, Jacques said: "I will make meatballs for you, Robin." I was overjoyed at the prospect of having meatballs some time in the future. The other thing I have found, and rarely, on the menus is gyros. I have seen them twice this year (The first time when the Campbells were here. David and I ordered gyros -- and they were bad.). The next time I ordered gyros, the result was the same -- bad to horrid. I don't know -- the food in Greece this year is a great disappointment. What used to be so good, is not mediocre to bad. Such a total shame, because aaI totally adore Greek food. Anyhow, getting back to today, before I got so sidetracked.

Lunch today.

..... Jacques very scrumptilious meatballs in fresh tomato sauce. These are just the very best meatballs in the world! Yummy! Siesta time after this delicious lunch, felt sensational as our anchorage was right in the middle of the water lanes of North and South moving traffic.

Continuing of cruise down to Sivota around 5:00-ish turned into a screaming match between 2 sailboats to our starboard, who kept yelling vulgar sounding word, with pushing over hand gestures, and just a couple of "fingers". The furthest boat behind and away from us, kept trying to "push" the little boat into the side of Milena, as he is yelling and screaming vulgarities so the whole world can hear him. As that point, another sail boat, swiftly passed us on our port side. Watching the two irate boats charge up and directly in front of us, was not only frustrating, but also very dangerous. Milena kept on her same path, and arrived in Sivota harbor about 10 minutes after they did.

. Jacques positioned Millie to the East side of the harbor, justoff the treed coastline, leaving Lenny of room for the boats coming and going to pass on either side of us. It was then that a chartered 48-foot catamaran pulled up next to us, with its music blaring. Oh no..... not another music boat!! You must be joking. And they are right next to us, with the volume on high.

While Jacques was beginning his dinner preparation, Marina was fussing around in her cabin and Nelson was trying to getting his Mistress' attention. He is hungry and wants his dinner NOW.

. For all his cute acts, Marina was not interested, and was much more interested in the cocktail time, which was upon us. Tonight we are having Prosecco to celebrate Jacques' youngest grandson Sofian's 15th birthday. "Cheers Sofian.."

Within minutes, Jacques spoiled us with a very delicious lamb dinner.

. Dessert was obviously everyone's fav: stracciatelli ice cream.

Jacques said Bon-Nuit, and went below. Marina and I were going to enjoy a James Bond movie together tonight in the cockpit. As I was setting up our theatre, Marina was making the coffee, and bringing up the after dinner drinks to be enjoyed in the stern while watching........ "....Bond...James Bond!....".

What happened next is too hard for us to believe........


Our anchorage is directly in front of Sivota..... Suddenly we heard a large PA system, with at least 6 mamouth mega speakers running the full length of the town, turned up full volume. The DJ was shouting over the screeching speakers.... introducing the latest in Greek popular, and adding his vocals to all the music he was playing.

"Marina? What is that noise?", we heard Jacques call from below deck.

"LOUD music from the town, Jacques". Marina called back to him.

At this point Marina and I are starring at each other saying simultaneously


I turned up my Mega Beats speaker, to compensate for the noise bellowing, base booming and roaring from the shore. None of the boats around us seemed to have anyone on them. Thank hey were all ashore, enjoying was we believe was "the never ending wedding". It was not 10:30p.m. -- and believe it or not, this music did not stop, nor soften until 5:30am, tomorrow morning!!! None of us slept! The last time I looked at my clock it was 5:28a.m.!! Great, we each got only a couple of hours sleep.....


while at the cave in Cephelonia. Since there are very few pictures of my in my blog, I decided to enjoy here and now -- for verify that I am actually here, and not just the paparazzi

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