We arrive at the Museum

A guided tour and admission is $10 each.

The guy who started the sports car concept in General Motors

The man who developed the unique engine idea for the sports car

This is the car used on the weekly show "Route 66"

Here is the Corvette belonging to Roy Orbison

How we used to get gas, full service Please !

A new car without a body


Rebecca lifts to demonstrate the light weight of the frame

one of the cars that fell into the cave that collapsed under...

facts about this car, this one is being restored, 6 others that...

The Cave In experience

what it looked like.

samples of all 7 generations of the Corvette to date

After our tour we ate lunch at the Corvette Cafe' a 50's...

There are several ways to experience Corvettes here.

It fits Dave, don't you think so? He likes the Air Force...

Too bad it doesn't tow well.

If you buy a new Corvette, you can arrange to have possession...

For some reason we passed this museum up last time we were in this area. For a $10 entrance fee you get a guided tour to learn more about the U.S. ONLY true sports car! First, coming to the Chevrolet showrooms in 1953 and now on it's 7th generation. We learned about the man, whose idea it was to develop the car and the team of 3 primary engineers who made it come to life and the guy who, a few years later developed the unique power train for a faster true sports car experience. Remember, in the news back in 2014 when 8 cars fell into a sink hole that developed in the floor of the museum? 6 of the cars are on display, you can see how big the hole was by the yellow line outlining the spot. It's now fully filled in and fixed. Overall, the tour and the museum are rating, in our minds as in the top ten!

When we were done with our guided tour, we went to the Corvette Cafe' for a fifty style lunch.

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