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Thundering during the night. Branko did tell us showers were predicted for today.

Left in the rain for Groznjan, Croatia. Had to show our passports leaving Slovenia, the agent did look in the backseat. We then drove a few meters to the Croatia entrance; I don't know where we were between the booths...No Man's Land? Had to show our passports, the guy didn't even look in the car at us.

Groznjan is located on a hilltop on the Istrian peninsula. The town is located in the heartland of truffles. There are truffle shops and galleries here. City dates back to the Roman Empire. Actually Petra, our guide, said first came the dinosaurs then the Romans. Town dates back 1102. Venetians took control in 1358 and became part of Austrian Empire in 1813.

Population is 164, half are Italian.

Stone roads still exist and many of the old buildings. A neat town.

Because of the thunder and lightening we had to go inside for coffee. I ordered hot chocolate forgetusting I should probably have ordered cocoa. What I got was very good, but it was almost like drinking very thick hot fudge with whipped cream on it.

We left in heavy rain and passed on a rest stop in Opatija as it would have added at least an hour to the drive and there was nothing to see in the rain.

We made a stop for fuel, bathroom and snacks (Heather always looking for Hairbro gummy snacks. Branko was eating a sandwich and giant piece of apple struedel. What did we have? 2 Coke zeros, cola string candy (because Heather can't find it in the US),paprika chips, fruit and nut mix and a Toberlone chocolate bar!

Unlike Greece where Maria told us we could not bring food on the bus because "if everyone brings food on the bus, it will be a restaurant and not be a bus", we brought our food in the car.

We drove through the countryside. Here were abandoned homes and farms, many in disrepair, a result of the war. Branko said Croatia has the coastline, rich in tourism and here inland are farmers. Some making ends meet by making and selling goat cheese and honey. We saw one farm with 2 cows and another with 4 cows. We did not see any other animal

We entered the Plitvice National Park, driving a very tightly curved road, I was starting to feel a little motion discomfort and when we stopped Heather commented that she thought she was going to have to ask to have the car stopped. A very beautiful area.

We got all of our rain gear and an extra top layer as it was a bit chilly. We started out on the route to visit this UNESCO sight, lots of people and lots of umbrellas. We weren't sure if we would make it out with both eyes intact!

The park is a UNESCO sight. It is located in the canyon formed by the Korana River that has a system of 16 lakes and 92 waterfalls. We walked to the largest waterfall and up into one of the caves. The water is a beautiful clear blue/green color due to the limestone and minerals. We took the electric boat across the largest lake and then walked to the bus stop back to the parking lot.

Went to our hotel which is a little off the beaten path, no place to go except to the restaurant next door. Pasta for dinner and no gelato today! Might have to get double tomorrow! We have a 400km drive to Dubrovnik tomorrow!

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