Yes, welcome to Kentucky, land of caves and caverns

our parking spot, RV sight 401

Across the street from the RV park, is the Diamond Caverns

The Diamond Caverns

Our guide, Steven gives us the briefing before going down into the...

We walk down the path

In the cavern

It was a great drive of 283 miles from Clinton, IN, we chose to drive cross country instead of freeways. We like to do that because it's where we see most of true America! The small towns and beautiful countryside we experience is terrific. The freeways have terrible portions, shaking and pounding us we had to endure while on them. This stop is near the Mammoth Caverns NP about 20 miles north of Bowling Green, Kentucky at a Thousand Trails park. Though, we had originally stopped here for 1 night, we did extend once again, due to the effects of hurricane Harvey. Harvey cost us a couple days back in Indiana, now we're just trying make up the time and difference.

While we're here the two things we'd like to see are Diamond Caverns and the National Corvette Museum.

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