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After sipping a bit more than one cup of coffee, we were off, heading to the Cancer Center for my first radiation treatment. I had been ordered to arrive with a full bladder which would be of benefit for the treatment, so I took along a 32 oz bottle of flavored water. I drank as much as I could before getting started but the imaging showed that I needed to drink a bit more so they took me off the “bed” and to a waiting room. They should have called it a “watering room” because the chair sat right beside one of those huge “Culligan” water bottles.

I drank about six cups of ice water and then needed to pee. The attendant informed me that they had a computer problem and it might be a while before they were ready for me, so I could go to the bathroom but then I should drink more water when I finished.

To make a long story much shorter, I ended up drinking about a gallon of water and went to the bathroom three times. Of course I had to continue drinking water and there was no doubt that I was fully hydrated. They allowed Marilyn to come back and sit with me while we waited for the computer issue to be resolved.

Finally the procedure was completed and we were on the way home but by now it was nearly 1:00 PM. We stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few items, but after I walked around for a bit, I gave my car keys to Marilyn and went out to wait in the car. The thought that I had given my car keys to Marilyn and now had no way to get inside the car never entered my mind.

I stood leaning against the car as I waited and finally my long lost wife appeared and we headed home. I felt ill for several hours, not from the radiation but from drinking all that water.

Oh well, one treatment down and only thirty eight to go. Life is Good!

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