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Leaving in morning and it's raining

From part way up the first climb. Clouds hang low in the...

Sun on mtns across Valley looks great

We stop at first Pass and Sandra looks at our route

It now goes up those switchbacks

View from the next Pass

Cloud hangs over the mountain. Our lunch stop view

My picnic lunch. Always a surprise

The Pyrenean Pair Squared packs up after lunch

And heads off

Cross a stream after collecting water. There's actually a bridge this time!

Down a rock crevasse that's like a mini Gorge

Past some of the waterfalls. The forest is lush and mossy

Getting closer to the town. There's a pony!

Our gîte

Le presbytère

View from bedroom window into courtyard

Time to put the feet up. It's rest day!

The gîte dog

Yummy and pretty dinner

A gluten free dessert of chestnut flour and pears. Delicious

Our bedsfor 2 nights. 2 up , 2 down

Day's Overview

We were up early and left the gîte at 8am. Straight into a very steep climb but we soon settled into the rhythm. Overtook a couple of women from the gîte also walking our way today. At the first pass (2hrs of climbing ) we stopped for our morning snack break. Then proceeded up the climb to the 2nd pass. Which was at the top of a ski area. Walking wasn't very difficult although some of the traverses were again very narrow with a steep drop. From the pass (Col de Fitte) we walked on for another hour before stopping for lunch high up in a lovely valley with a stunning view. Another older couple from the gîte last night passed us but we soon saw them again as they stopped fro lunch and we moved on. We stopped for water at a mountain stream then crossed over and followed it from high above, down the valley. The going was steep and slippery at times and very rocky on places. We went through Gorges just the width of a person and wound our way through forests where everything was covered in lush green moss. The stream turned into a series of waterfalls that were beautiful and deafening. Down we went through the forest along and d path past many uninhabited stone houses or what remained of them. Poor Terry had a slip on the steep slippery path when we were about 15min from our destination. She hurt her knee but hopefully it will be fine after a day of rest.

Arrived at our gîte in Aulus les Bains. A lovely old presbytère next to the church

Distance 16km

Time 7hr45min

Elevation Gain for the day ?

Accommodation Gîte D'Etape Le Presbytère We were given a room to ourselves and hope no one else is put in it.


Bfast Teff and rice cakes and jam. Yoghurt

Lunch. Rice salad , cheese and rice cakes, peach, snickers bar

Dinner Fabulous! She had made the entire meal GF so I could eat everything. Zucchini Soufflé slice, roast chicken with mushroom sauce and rice, chestnut flour and pear clafoutis ... yum! Some dishes were decorated with edible flowers from her garden. So pretty.

Day's Cost


Raining very lightly as we left and quickly cleared to an overcast day in the low 20s


Terry's fall on her knee!

During dinner I seemed to be bitten across my back and shoulders. Hopefully not bed bugs from when I was lying on the bed earlier. No one else had these and i didn't get anymore during the night. Mystery!!

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