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Narrow paths with steep drop!







farewell dinner



Day's Overview

Left the main GR10 route today to to a GR10 alternative (GR10E), which is further north and over 2 days much longer than the main route. But unlike this part of the main route, this section actually has somewhere to stay! Margy and her group left just ahead of us. Nick, Helen and I walked together. Each group passed each other several times, depending on who was resting or eating!

It started with a long steep climb through the forest and we then emerged into the heather. We passed more mining equipment and looking back down into the Valley we could see Eylie (where we had come from. As we traversed along narrow, and at times very awkward paths, we always seemed to see Eylie. How could we walk so long and still see the village that we came from !! It was not raining but the dew was on the grass everywhere making our trousers wet but also making the countryside look beautiful. Low clouds hung in parts of the valley and it was gorgeous. We stopped for lunch at the Col and continued on into the forest again. Always traversing. The forest was magical with a lot of different fungi starting to grow. We were in no hurry so stopped for a long afternoon break in the forest and we all enjoyed the peacefulness and beauty of the place.

The final descent became a bit steeper and both my and Nick's knees immediately told us the gradient had become greater. Ouch!

We arrived in Bonac and were delighted to find the Relais was open (earlier than advertised ). It was a quirky place. Run by a group of young people who seemed to be learning how to run the place. Or they were understaffed. But it was great. The others arrived and after Helen and I did our washing we all sat down stairs and had a farewell evening of drinks and food and lots of talking. Had a heap of legal chatter between Nick (UK), David from Namibia and Helen. Not often do you get to walk with a couple of judges and an ex lawyer. Others in the group were Margy, Anthony and wife Jackie.

Distance 15km

Time 8 hrs

Elevation Gain for the day 700m. Descent 1000m

High Point Col de l'Arech 1660m

Accommodation Relais Montagnard Bonac


Bfast the usual

Lunch lovely mixed rice salad

Dinner. lamb steak and chips

Apple compote with hazelnut cream.

Day's Cost



Overcast but perfect temp for walking


We are leaving our walking friends today

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