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Today was a very peaceful and relaxing day for us and I was ready for that kind of day.

Although the campground was absolutely packed all weekend, the campers began leaving early this morning. As if by magic, the Wi-Fi began working much better!

I did several outdoor chores and spent a few minutes chatting with some nice folks who camped next to us. They were from Branson and met a couple of their friends who were from Chicago. Hannibal seemed a nice place to meet up for a fun weekend.

I prepared a kettle of soup from spicy sausage, potatoes, onions, garlic, cabbage, and chicken broth. It turned out to be quite tasty.

After a bite of lunch I worked most of the afternoon getting my latest book project ready to publish and it should go “Live” on Amazon by tomorrow.

I will soon begin working on the fifth book in the RV Life series. Our granddaughter is looking forward to that because I promised to put her on the cover of that book.

Marilyn & I are really looking forward to tomorrow because that is the day I will begin the radiation treatments for my cancer. We expect things to go along just fine and are ready to get started.

I’ll keep all of you in the loop as things go along. Once we complete the treatments we plan to take the RV to our winter home in Mission, Texas where we will remain for a couple of weeks before returning to Hannibal for Medical follow-up and the scheduled hormone shot, due on Dec 5th.

After that we will be back in the Rio Grande Valley until April of next year.

Life is Good!

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