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this is a jeepney..most popular form of transport in P

traffic jam

fancy casino and keroke bar

Gen Wright builder of the the main hyw to Baquio

rice patties

Camp John Hay in Baguio

typical house of the indigenous people

one of the originals buildings in Camp Hay

more of Camp J Hay

Typhone coming in

at the Chinese temple

trying my hand at the weaving loom

these ladies do this 10 hours a day every day

Fatima grtto

Heading north from Lanila toward northern Luzon the air con bus was so cold I put on my long pants, then my jacket, then my cap, then my windbreaker pulled over my head. I looked like a mummy. The locals were all laughing and sitting calmly in short sleeve shirts. Tbe bus moved along at 15 mph due to all the life on the two lane hwy..i.e trucks, tricycles, cars, buses, people, carts, animals, it all travels on the road. They have not heard of sidewalks here. Shops, houses and towns are all connected now with no interuption.

About 5 hours later we were winding up steep mt/ roads into the beautiful Cordiller mountains...the highest in the P. we came to Baquio gateway to the historic rice patties carved up and down the steep mts from 2200 meters down to sea lever over 2000 years ago. I was in time to hire a private driver to se the sites...including the summer recreation spot for the US military when they were here..called Camp John Hay,,,also Mines Park, chinese terpme, Burham park. The main road was build and engineered by an American general Wright..there are numerous factories of fine arts here such as silver making, cedar wood carvings, cloth weaving, glaxed marble, Umbrellas, fountains, yard ornaments. Along the streets nearly every private home is selling something they make and they have little stalls on the hyw. Speciaties here include crab meat, spices, honey, peanut butter. It's an unending supermaket of trades and arts rarely found elsewhere in the world.

So far in nearly every journey I've had I've comes close to or been in a disaster. Well this time it was a typhoon. In the evening Baquio was hit by a level 2 typhoon. For the next 30 hours it rained like I have never seen. As it a dam in the sky opened up. I can't believe there is that much water in the clouds. It rained and poured and soon the streets were rivers. The locals told me in 1972 it lasted 40 days... can you imagine. Finally I was able to get a bus out and we dodged rock and dirt and soil sliding down off the slopes. River beds that were dry on my way up were torrents of wild rivers. If you get to the P. Make Baquio and of your vists. Next stop Olongapo. Glen

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