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Bullet train

The hostel

The gardens

View from above

The rush hour squeeze

The fish market

The mini Statue of Liberty

VR Mario Kart

Yebisu brewery

Shibuya crossing

Mario Kart for real??

The robot restaurant

The crazy dancers at the restaurant

Beautiful ramen

After our first few days in Tokyo we started to wonder if our expectations were a little to high!

To begin with we did enjoy the journey from Kyoto to Tokyo as we finally got to travel on a Japanese bullet train. We were very impressed with how comfy the train was and how spacious.

Arriving in Tokyo we checked into our hostel and made up our bed. We then decided to head to one of the local parks for a wonder.

Based on the weather forecast for the time we were in Tokyo we decided to spend our first full day, and the only sunny day wondering around the Imperial Palace gardens. The gardens were beautiful with lots of traditional Japanese features and lots of locals enjoying a picnic. Adam then found the Government Metropolitan Office had a free viewing platform so rather than going up any of the iconic buildings for a view we headed to the free be. The view from the top showed us how big Tokyo was and that surprisingly it only has a handful of high rise buildings. That evening we enjoyed some beautiful and cheap Ramen before going back to the hostel where we ended up meeting a few fellow travellers and having a quiet drink with them.

The next morning we joined the same people for a visit to one of the largest fish markets in the world. We got there quite early and as a result found ourselves in the middle of the legendary Tokyo rush hour. Needless to say the metro was a bit of a squeeze. We got to the markets so early in fact that we ended up walking through the narrow and bustling alleys of the market selling all kinds of fish before tourists were actually allowed to enter and got kicked out by the tourist 'police'. As it was raining we then decided to visit the Edo Tokyo museum and learn a little bit of Japanese history. That evening we headed to Odaiba an artificial island in Tokyo bay. The island was development into a commercial area in the 1990s resulting in everything looking very modern. We visited the mini Statue of Liberty they have over looking the bay as well as taking a stroll along the promenade.

From day three Tokyo gave us the techno buzz we had been hoping for as we headed to VR world where we got to try four games vertical reality style. Our favourite was Mario Carts where Adam got to play Yoshi and I was Princess Peach. We had a microphone so we could talk to each other and had to grab weapons to use against each other from the sky. Turns out I am as bad at skiing in the vertical reality world as I managed to fall off the cliff to many times to even come close to completing let alone winning. After walking around the bustling streets we visited the busiest crossing in the world the Shibuya crossing. It was so busy with people crossing in all directions while all the buildings were alive with music and screens. We decided to visit Japan's Yebisu brewery before dinner and got to relax while tasting a few samples of the beers they brew. We tried one lager, one amber and one stout and they were all delicious. For dinner we opted to try Sushi and just to top off our techno day we placed our order by computer and when it was ready it came whizzing out by conveyor belt stopping when it reached our seat. We hear no visit to Japan is complete without a trip to the famous Robot Restaurant, this was true although it is not a restaurant more a show with lots of dancers, loud music and robots. Only way to describe it is that its so weird its brilliant. The last few days in Japan gave us the buzz we had been hoping for while Japan gave us amazing food and something very different a brilliant end to our Asia adventure.

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