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Why is it that you can get eight or nine hours of sleep and wake feeling more tired than when you went to bed?

Even three cups of coffee didn’t help much but it did trigger a couple of trips to the bathroom.

I went off to lead a tour of the Mark Twain Cave and thankfully was able to call up some reserve energy and give a really good tour to a nice group of ten people.

Back at the RV I quickly changed my clothing and shared some lunch with Marilyn. The apple pie for dessert hit the spot and I was feeling much better by the time we drove off to visit the clinic for Marilyn’s doctor appointment. We were happy to hear that all is well as both of the areas removed from her neck were indeed the basil cell carcinoma type of cancer. The really good news was that they managed to get all of it. She has one more appointment in late September to check the progress of the healing.

Now we are getting ready to drive out to the Mansion for a retirement party. Marilyn is taking that great salad she makes.

Tomorrow I am working in the Cave from 9:00 until 12:00 noon and the in the evening we are joining Bob & Janet and Steve & Cathy for an “all you can eat” catfish dinner at a restaurant called “The Hitchin’ Post”. That will be fun for sure.

We hope all of you enjoy a great Labor Day weekend holiday. Remember folks, Life is Good!

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