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Wicker Sleighs @ Old Town

Team calf roping


Left, Buffalo Bill as young man, Right, a Halogram of BB welcoming...

Chuck Wagon

The Unknown


Today is Tom’s Birthday! After the long drive through the switchbacks I let him sleep longer this morning. First some housekeeping and Walmart shopping. We were surprised at the number of RVs still at Walmart. Finally figured out they were probably rodeo people and didn’t have thing to do until afternoon. We’ve been to Cody before and didn’t have the need to rush because we pretty well knew what we wanted to revisit. Cody is a town that does the Old West right!

We checked in at the Visitor’s Bureau to see if there were many new things in town. Did find that the Dan Miller show had moved from the downtown theater to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. They also suggested we visit Old Trail Town to see a collection of historic area buildings and memorabilia. We went to Old Trail Town. It was hot, dusty and old – just as promised. Quite a collection of Conestoga wagons, buckboards sleighs and wagons. There were several buildings relating to Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid and Jeremiah Johnston.

We found a lot at the Ponderosa Campground then spent the rest of the afternoon doing laundry. Chatting with the locals makes a boring job go a lot quicker. Lucked in to a great laundromat, reasonably priced and super clean.

This was followed by the dinner and show at the Buffalo Bill Center. We saw Dan Miller on our previous visit and definitely wanted to see his show again. At the Center they offered a combo ticket of dinner, show and 2 days at the Center’s museum. The meal was delicious – beef tenderloin, BBQ chicken breast, rosemary potatoes, green beans and mushrooms, veggie filled salad and two kinds of cheesecake for dessert – another YUM. (The chocolate brownie cheesecake made up for a lack of birthday cake for Tom) This was followed by the Dan Miller show. Dan, his daughter, Hannah, and Wendy gave us a really fun evening of reminiscing about the Saturday morning cowboy shows and western movies. All the songs were familiar and the jokes corny. Our table was in the front row with a couple from Washington state and another from the UK. It was a lively meal and show.

It was a beautiful evening as we left the Center. We made a quick decision to attend the Rodeo that was just down the road. Our plan was to attend Friday night but decided why wait since we didn’t know what the weather would be. It was a quick trip so all we missed was part of the grand parade opening. It was a fun night of bronco & steer riding, calf roping, barrel racing, etc. The crowd was rowdy and a good time was had by all – except the guys who were thrown from the bronco or steer.

Friday was spent at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. This complex houses 5 museums under one roof. We started in the Buffalo Bill wing. The story of his life is told through memorabilia, videos and many displays. There was a small section honoring Annie Oakley. Another wing holds a collection of Western art. Both paintings and sculptures were highlighted. The third wing is devoted to the history of guns. The Natural History wing concentrates on Wyoming lands and animals. The fifth museum concerns the Plains Indians. It follows their history from ancient times to their present life on Reservations. Also in the Center is an extensive library dedicated to Western history. There is a raptor retreat caring for injured birds. Even with a two day ticket there is no way to absorb all the information presented.

We celebrated Tom’s birthday a day late with BBQ ribs at Bubba’s. During dinner we listened to the Tigers opening football game on WTGR. Glad we were able to stream it.

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