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We have been in Salt Lake City since Sunday night and we leave for Moab tomorrow morning after a stop at a Verizon store to see if we can get Debi's phone fixed. This is the fixit stop. First thing we did Monday morning was to get the brakes fixed on the RV. They were really good to us at Auto Motion, got us in pretty quick and only charged us $163 to put in all new brake fluid and adjust all the brakes. Works good now.

Salt Lake City is all about the Mormons. You can get a free shuttle into town but you have to listen to all the virtues of being a Mormon. It is almost like getting a free trip to a resort and then having to sit through their spiel. You can get a free tour of the buildings and the Temple but there are always two of them that tag team again the virtues of being Mormon.

The city is pretty, however, and very clean. We were also able to take a light rail into town. Very easy and convenient. I was here 25 years ago and it has changed a lot. There are not as many homeless on the streets and a lot of construction has taken place, but it is still as clean as it was back then. We also went to the Red Butte Garden and the Natural History Museum.

I awoke to a weather warning this morning. In the Northeast we get weather warnings for hurricanes or tornadoes or heavy amounts of snow. Here the weather warnings are for "dry thunderstorms", "dry lighting", and high fire risk with down winds. Here and in Colorado and in Wyoming it can rain and the water never ever hits the ground. The air is so dry the rain doesn't make it to the ground. Off to Moab tomorrow.

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