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We awoke this morning feeling physically and emotionally drained. I have felt worn out all day, with my thoughts constantly turning to my family who are now mostly scattered across the state and the country as they are back home or on the way.

I had an early appointment in Palmyra so I took the truck and headed off at 7:45 this morning. It was after 9:00 when I returned home and by that time, Marilyn was ready to go shopping for groceries.

That little chore took a bit more than one hour. I fueled the car and discovered that the price of gasoline had increased by 10 to 14 cents per gallon due to the flood in the Houston area.

I fixed sausage & kraut for lunch and then we sat with our computers relaxing and enjoying some quiet time.

I had planned to work on my book project, hoping to be near completion by the end of the day, but didn’t have the energy needed to focus on the work at hand.

Tomorrow will be a very busy day for us so the book project may not be completed until after the Holiday weekend.

I will begin my radiation treatments next Tuesday morning at 9:30 and I must say that I sure will be happy to get started on that.

Marilyn & I have a plan for travel for the winter and I may write about that tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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