We're here, safe and sound...

got a great site on the end of the run of pull-throughs

It's a big place of 130 acres plus, pencil points to our...

One area of the park has tame bunnies

running around, especially in the evening.

We've been so busy traveling lately...

we had to catch up on our map updates.

So, we found out about this medium size, well run, charming out in the country, surrounded by corn and soy, in the middle of cool stuff to see campground from the All Stays App. And, it's a good thing we called for reservations weeks ago, as it is busy, especially on the weekends. When we pulled into our site, the coach wouldn't level up correctly, leaving the steps about 18 inches from the ground and it would be difficult to get to the door. When I asked for help at the office, The manager, Jamie came out to see what we had going. He and his head maintenance fella saw the problem and the solution. They brought down a skip loader bucket and a half of gravel (about a pickup full) to create a ramp for the coach to rise onto and get leveled. In addition, Jamie had the office refund one days rent to us for the inconvenience! SUPER crew! ! Thank you

After leaving Yukon Trails about 9 in the morning we drove the 213 miles to find a great park, owned and operated as a family enterprise. We drove straight down I-94 to I-39 then at the state line took off cross country on Hwy 251, so we didn't have to pay tolls.

Our purpose in coming here is two-fold. First, we have extended family to visit and second, they promised to take us in to Chicago to see the famous Navy Pier. Then, thirdly we discovered not far from the campground is the boyhood home of our 40th President of the USA Ronald W. Reagan. So we'll go see that, too.

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