Solar Eclipse Trip 2017 travel blog

Susan watching the eclipse start

I had a great spot.

Ready for it.

Susan set up a thermometer and a light meter.

Some folks set up on the hill above the RV park to...

Some balloons came over as the time approached.

Just before full eclipse

During full eclipse-more of a twilight to dark feel

Here we are during the eclipse. But the corona was still bright...

Susan got a good shot of the eclipse.

In the shadows

Got pretty dark, and it did coll off some.

August 21, 2017

Eclipse day! It was a very calm event for us. We had our eclipse glasses and the cahris properly placed so we could see it. The event started about 10:24 am but it wasn’t until 11:45 or so that the totality occurred. Susan came out and spent time using a sensor app to record the lowering temperature and lumens as the eclipse proceeded. When totality hit we saw some planets and took some pictures. Got a good, unshielded look at the eclipse. Ironically the horizon on the north and south of us stayed lit (looked like sunset colors on some of the clouds out there). Totality was over way too fast—only 2 minutes 25 seconds. But now we can say we did it, just like the guy in "You're So Vain" ("You flew in a Lear Jet up to nova Scotia to see a total eclipse of the sun.")

The day was anticlimactic after that. Then it was time for lunch and start working on breaking down the campsite to move tomorrow. We are headed for Devil’s Tower for the day, then to Crazy Horse Memorial for a few days.

We spent the afternoon reading. We were planning to go into Glendo to see what changes had occurred, but the traffic trying to get out and back home was too long, so we just went back to the trailer and read some more. I started breaking down the trailer outside, putting away the lights and sewer line. Tomorrow we head out to Devil’s Tower.

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