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Just two more stops. We drove 5 hours from DC to Roanke Rapids,NC and stopped for the night. Virginia did not have even one rest area. So we stopped at a McDonald's that was so filthy it didn't seem safe to even buy a coke, let alone food. I keep a couple Lysol wipes in my purse or I would not have used the bathroom. Which may explain why we saw four different times, cars stopped along the highway, and men urinating on the side of the family was pulled over and doing the deed in a cotton field.

Wilmington, NC is the home of my brother in law Jerry and his wife Myrna. He fixed us a beautiful meal that evening and we looked at pictures from his and my husband's youth.

The next day my favorite Craft store A C Moore's. It's a half the price Micheal's or Hobby Lobby and a totally different selection.

There is a botanical garden called Airlie and we walked through it. 500 year old trees, flowers, and metal sculptures of plants. It was beautiful but it was excruciatingly hot.

The next day we headed home for a 10 hour marathon drive. Not our normal, no more than 5 hours on the road day. I wished for ruby slippers so I could click my heals together and magically arrive. My artificial hip was screaming let me out out of the vehicle but we continued on and eventually arrived in our our driveway.

I truly love to travel. The people, places, and the unexpected are a joy but there's no place like home.

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