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Scary rabbits in the market

And the fruit and veges outside

Whilst walking into town I couldn't help but notice this place

Then this little poncho really caught my eye

And bikes are the preferred means of farmer transport

How the locals transport their baguettes

And how Helen carries her baguette

Bagnères de Luchon

A very quirky balcony

Find the GR10 markings!

Looking back at the mountains we've come over

Through the lovely beech forest

Beech forest

Beech forest

Arrival at Artigue

Our gîte for the night

A thatched cottage in Artigue

Vegetable gardens here are good producers

Inside our gite

Inside the gîte

Dinner is ready

Day's Overview

A short day that splits up what would be a very long day.

We had a leisurely start. After breakfast we went to the market and bought some carrots and apples. Then called in at the PO and supermarket on the way out of town. There is no food on the trail until tomorrow night so we had to buy dinner (to prepare tonight) and lunch for today and tomorrow = 2 heavy backpacks today. As usual it wasn't long before we were climbing. The extra weight in the packs was noticeable. Initially the trail went straight up the mountain and we crossed the road the cars took, 5 times. On the 6th encounter with the road we turned off into s very old village (Sode) and then wound around the hill for awhile through another lovely beech forest. Beautiful underfoot with the dried leaves softening our foot falls. We picked blackberries as we went and stopped for a short snack break looking back at all of the mountain ranges we have climbed over in the last few days. The climb then started in earnest and it was switchback after switchback. But mostly in the woods so not bad. Occasionally we came across old stone retaining walls which were beautifully made. Similarly to the houses in our destination village.

An easy day and the chambres d'hôte is a lovely old converted barn with kitchen and everything we would need. We are the only ones here so relaxed at the large wooden table for our picnic lunch. Went for a short walk around the tiny town afterwards. No shops. Just a handful of rural houses and a church... and an alpine restaurant (closed today) with a magnificent view. Our accommodation also has a wonderful view.

Distance 8 km

Time 3.5hrs

Elevation Gain for the day 600 descent 0m

High Point. Artigue 1230m

Accommodation Chambres d'hôte d'Artigue


Bfast. The usual rice cakes, jam, yoghurt, fruit

Lunch. Rice cakes, cheese, tomatoes, carrots, mini dried saucissons, apple, chocolate!

Dinner. tomato and olive quinoa with tuna and basil, carrots and tomatoes

Day's Cost

Accommodation €30

Dinner and picnic for 2 days €


30C but in the forest it was quite nice

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