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Rawley Point Trail

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Dancing at the Fair

Goat Whisperer at the Fair

We followed route 42 all the way on Tuesday from Ellison Bay to Two Rivers. It was only slightly over 100 miles and was an easy trip. The only fly in the ointment was a detour just before reaching Two Rivers that caused a delay in arriving. We arrived at Scheffel's Hideway RV Resort where we have a nice 50-amp full-hookup site with open sky. The only negative is a lack of decent wifi.

A nice feature of Scheffel’s is that it adjoins the Rawley Point Trail. The trail runs through Point Beach State Park from the beach on Lake Michigan to Rawley Point in Two Rivers. There is a connection there to the Mariner Trail which runs along the lake to Manitowoc. Annie and I used the trail for some nice runs through the woods.

The Netflix 8-part documentary, “Making a Murderer” is set near Two Rivers. It is the story of Steven Avery, who was wrongly convicted of rape and served eighteen years in prison before being released in 2003. While sueing Manitowoc County he was arrested and charged with the murder of a woman at the Avery junkyard and was convicted two years later and sentenced to life without parole. The case is still under appeal. We made a quick curiosity visit to the supposed scene of the murder at Avery’s several miles north and west of Two Rivers.

Not very far from Two Rivers is the LondonDairy Alpaca Farm. We took a tour of the farm that, while not as entertaining as last week’s goat farm tour, was still worth the visit. We had an opportunity to meet a few Alpaca up close and two of them cushed for us. (Cushed means down on four knees. They do it for sex and just to be friendly!)

Penn State's volleyball season has begun and the girls had three matches over the weekend. All were live streamed but the wifi in the campground was woefully inadequate for watching the matches. Fortunately, I found the Lighthouse Inn where I was able to poach their wifi sitting in the lobby. PSU won all three matches.

Our other activity in the area was a visit to the Manitowoc County Fair. I ran ten miles in the morning so I was eligible for a funnel cake. We also visited a couple of the livestock barns and enjoyed some music by a rock band called, “Out of Time.”

Tomorrow it is back to the big city. We are headed for the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds in Milwaukee.

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