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This morning we went to the Ruins at Delphi. We were glad we had gone into the museum yesterday because it allowed us to visit the site much easier. It helped us to see where the sphinx had stood, to pick out the base of the column and most importantly see where the oracle was and also the temple of Apollo.

Yes, they are called ruins for a reason...they are what is left after the various invaders were done plundering the sites. One may even say thank heavens for eartquakes and landslides! They allowed the Greeks to retain the sphinx, some statues especially the old man, the young boy, and the charioteer. Time has also taken its toll.

I should mention that although the odeum has lost its roof, it along with the stadium and the gymnasium are well preserved and original. In fact theater performances were held in the odeum well into the 1800's.

The temple complex of Athena like Apollo is in ruins....or to quote Gord "a pile of rubble". Some columns still stand. They are seen in the pics occasionally found highlighting the area.

The sacred stream between the two complexes has dried although just down the road is another from which a drink can be had....and yes the water here is okay to drink from the tap.

That is one thing that has been nice...being able to drink the water...even from the fountains in the street.

This afternoon has been spent catching up on life...much needed, I'm afraid. Tomorrow we travel again...to Athens.

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