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They ride so closely together it is scary

This is the men's race. They all come around this corner at...

Beautiful day for a bike race!

Breckenridge, CO Breckenridge was host to the Colorado Classic Bike Race. Pro cyclists in the four-day race, including international pros, cover 313 miles (503.5 km) and endure more than 20,000 vertical feet of intense, high-altitude climbing in four stages that showcase the state's incredible terrain. We were told a one-mile stretch of pavement lined by pine trees and high-end condominiums will likely decide the bicycle race. Moonstone Road, a short but steep climb just east of downtown Breckenridge, is the major obstacle that riders face during the four-day race. The climb tops out at 10,200 feet above sea level — the thin air can sap the strength of even the fittest riders. Women are a part of the races, too. Women raced first. We positioned ourselves along the route on a downward slope. The women did 5 laps and it took about 18 minutes for each lap. Each lap was 6.4 miles long. The 63 women barreled down the hill and turned just in front of us. They really flew past, some as fast as 60 mph. For the men’s race there were at least 90 riders. They rode the same 6.4 mile course but took 10 laps. The course is really hard on the uphill slant - at one point it is a 17 per cent grade. We were close enough to see the pain on the riders faces - and they do this on purpose! The men's race was interesting because 2 bikers took off early and the rest of the pack hung back. By the 6th lap, only one rider was still out there all by himself. We watched as his lead slowly shrunk. On the last lap he was overtaken. Then, calling on some reserve from somewhere, he sprinted ahead again but he could not hold it. In spite of our best cheers, he was passed and beaten by about 1 second.

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