Gord & Val 's 2017 Balkans Trip travel blog

We left Thessaloniki on E75 heading south to Delphi. Once out of the city, we had a view of oleander with its pink, white and red flowers between the median and trees....maybe cyprus....on the sides of the road. We got occasional glimpses of green and yellow patchwork farms, the coast and sea. We could see the mountains but the higher tops were obscured by grey clouds. When we came close to the mountains and could see forested canyons, we tunneled through the mountains...Clio didn't and was continually telling Gord to turn left or rigjt as the old road came close. Some of the tunnels were new. Corn and sunflowers were replaced by grey-green olive groves...even up the sides of mountains.

In the distance, after we went through Lamia, we could see a road going up and over the mountain. E 65 proved to be the road we turned onto. We climbed and climbed on up and over the mountain. We had a fantastic view...first back the way we had come and then of mountains and valleys and canyons. Awesome. We went up. We went down. We could see bites taken out of the mountains...some old and some new mines and quarries. We wondered what was being mined?

Soon we reached the road to Delphi and turned up Mt. Parnassus. Campgrounds passed, some nice, some not so nice. Resorts and hotels followed....but little traffic. Was the site open? Delphi..the town, a tourist town...came into view. Up on high, we looked down and saw the ruins. We were here!

We found a place to stay...Sun View...a pension...no breakfast. Okay. The room is clean. It has facillities. We'll take it.

It is only 3.30p so we drove to the museum. What a great museum! Of note were the sphinx dedicated to Apollo by the Naxions. It graced the top of a column 750 years BC. It stood over 10m tall on a 12 m column. Also a silver and gold bull...no complete but also impressive. A bronze statue hidden under a landslide escaped marauders. It is of a charioteer. He still holds the reins in his hands. A debate about whether he was driving 3 or 4 horses is still ongoing today. He stand some 1.8 m high. He was dedicated in 478 BC. There are many defaced marble statues. Some missing arms or legs. Many miss heads. Some heads are intact...and arebeautifully carved with lots of detail. An old man stands out...with curls in his beard. It was long after 5p when we left the porticos, the marbles and the bronzes behind.

We have a fabulous view out over a valley...looking back the way we came. Dinner was had in a tabepna with the same view. Grapevines framed the view.

After we ambled back up the street and settled for the night.

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