Solar Eclipse Trip 2017 travel blog

Nothing to do but wait

Folks came to Glendo from all over.

Even international visitors

Glendo starting to fill up.

They finally got some takers for that big parking lot.

The state park had free parking and camping.

Our little fireplace in the RV

August 20, 2017

The day before the eclipse. Not much happening around our RV, but a lot going on in town. The people were starting to come in and populate the area. Just a lot of relaxing and reading on our part. We did go into town to see what was happening and look at some of the vendors who had popped up, but did little else.

I have been enjoying our little fireplace in the RV. It is useful in the morning when I get up earlier than Susan and the RV is cooler.

Also got out the Cobb cooker and grilled some steaks for dinner—excellent arrangement. Once the Cobb gets going (only takes 10 charcoal briquets) it does a great job.

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