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Some of the pretty Colorado scenery as we head North.

Smokehouse BBQ-not recommended unless you are a biker and not on a...

You know you are in Wyoming when. . . .

They are ready for the Eclipse here.

Our place for the next few days

Eclipse souvenir opportunity!

We cleaned up here.

Wide open spaces out here.

Downtown Glendo

Old West Saloon

The fields are ready for the Eclipse viewers.

August 18, 2017

This is a travel day when we head up to Glendo, Wyoming where we will view the eclipse. We loaded up on propane, broke down the trailer, hooked up and were saying goodbye to the Garden of the Gods RV Resort before 10 am. We liked the park and its location and will likely come back.

Our route took us through Denver, and for much of the trip the traffic wasn’t bad, but the middle of Denver was bumper to bumper, stop and go for about an hour. But we were always moving, so it was tolerable.

We stopped for gas north of Denver and used that stop for a lunch break. There was a BBQ place (I thought) next to the fuel stop, so we just parked the RV and walked over to it. Turns out it was a biker bar—we were the only patrons. It was clean and nice enough, but it really didn’t cater to our diet needs—no salads, no green vegetables. WE ended up getting “rib tips”, which turned out to be a lot of bone with some rib meat on them. Susan and I split one. The good news was that it wasn’t too expensive.

Back on the road, we stopped in Cheyenne to do some grocery shopping—again stocking up as we didn’t know if we would be stranded in Glendo with the eclipse traffic. From there we continued north on I25. There was a good bit of traffic, but it was highway speeds all the way. We saw a lot of trailers and RVs headed that way—I suspect people like us preparing for the eclipse.

Glendo has a population of 205, but they are prepared for as many as 50-100,000 people coming to see the eclipse. We found our RV park—Glendo Lakeside RV park and got set up. We had already paid the 3 night, $200 a night for Saturday, Sunday and Monday, so we paid for Friday night ($38, the regular rate). Our park is nice and open with big spaces and plenty of room. We should have an unobstructed view of the eclipse from our space.

We drove back into town and stopped at the vendors outside the local custom embroidery shop. They had T-shirts and hats with eclipse themes, so we had to stop and pick some up. My two favorites are the Glendo Total Solar Eclipse hat and the denim shirt with the logo on the back. Will likely be wearing both when the big event happens.

Once we had secured our souvenirs, we continued into town to eat at the Old West Saloon. This was another bar (really showing Susan and good time this day) but it had an accompanying dining room. The bar was a reminder of the old days, as they allowed smoking. Boy was it smoky. The “non-smoking” dining room was just off the bar, so it was a little better, but the smokers right outside still gave us plenty to smell. But the place was nice (swivel captain’s chairs and imitation wood tables) and the waitress was friendly and efficient. And they had prime rib, so usually smoke intolerant Susan was hanging in there for the good meat. This place was much more diet-friendly with salads and broccoli and cauliflower. My chicken was good and filling.

After dinner we drove around, looking over the town, all 12 square blocks of it. We saw 3 churches and lots of RVs parked next to nice small houses and the occasional manufactured home. Glendo is right next to a popular fishing lake, so there were plenty of boats around. In fact, the biggest and most modern business there is a boat dealer.

Back toward our RV park, there are vast fields that have been marked off for parking with portapotties. Farther down the road past our RV park there is a camping and viewing area with wide open vistas. That is where the Astronomical Society is set up with several telescopes to observe the eclipse.

While Casper and Douglas have bigger events, they are slightly off-center of the eclipse. Glendo has the distinction of being right smack dab in the middle of the eclipse event. The weather right here is clear and much warmer than Colorado Springs (high 80s for the highs). Monday is supposed to be partly cloudy—with luck that will only be later in the day after the 10:25 am eclipse.

Now the waiting begins.

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