Breckenridge travel blog

Starting point of our hike

Headed up

We could see for a long distance

Meadow above treeline

Jim plodding along

Our trail

Indian Paintbrush

Colorado Bluebells

Well-camouflaged pica

Little pika


Near the end of the wildflower season

Breckenridge, CO Today was hiking day. Black Powder Pass trail had been recommended to us by several people. To reach the trailhead, we had to traverse 12 miles by car. Of that 12 miles, we bounced along 9 miles of bone-jarring dirt/rock and potholes. It took an hour to reach the trailhead. It just so happens that the trail begins at Boreas Pass at the Continental Divide on the crest of the Front Range. In other words, we STARTED our hike at an altitude of 11,482 feet and went up from there. We saw about every kind of wildflower there could be. It was beautiful. With a high point of 12,159 feet, this hike ends on the saddle between Boreas Mountain and Baldy Mountain, offering amazing views of Summit and Park counties. It is a gain of 677 laborious, breath-challenging feet. Unfortunately, just as we reached the top, a cloud came up the valley and we could not see as far as one could on a clear day. We could see a bit of the mountain to our right and saw that it would be good sheep or goat country but the cloud kept us from spotting animals. Instead, we were treated to the antics of some pika in a rock pile next to us. Their squeaky little voices alerted us to their presence but it took a few moments to spot them since they blend in so well to their surroundings. After a bit we headed back down the trail to find a nice picnic spot with a gorgeous view. The vistas were stunning and the wildflowers were wonderful. The usual afternoon storm was headed our way so, although we did get a little wet, we made it back to our car before the rain became serious.

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