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Guysborough harbour - how relaxing

this old marine gas station is now a full service gym

red pub and yellow cafe is for sale - anybody wanna move...

nice serene setting for a beautiful house

this display in Larry's River depicts the history of the Acadian people...

the paintings on the rocks were impressive and the information boards told...

this one shows the forced movement of these people - very cool

this historic footbridge has been used by locals for centuries

noisy parade marchers went through town and ended at the footbridge

the local fellow talking to Wayne gave a short history lesson of...

the release of the racing ducks!

photo finish - with lots of judges - I think #5 won!!!

this 90 degree corner had the houses hanging over the water

even in the fog this drive was pretty

Mosquitoes and non-existent wifi prompted a move down the trail to an RV park Wayne had spotted on a recon run of Canso yesterday. As we approached Canso the pretty harbour views from yesterday were now obscured as fog drifted in and out. Canso itself has some beautiful old homes, an arena, pool and a huge brick customs/post office building with a large clock tower. Sadly many of the old homes are in disrepair as fishing, the lifeblood of this area from the early 1600’s, has dwindled to almost nothing. There is hope though as a company has purchased land and is getting approvals to build a spaceport to launch rockets sending satellites into space. I guess this lonely peninsula is perfect for their purposes as it juts into the ocean with very little population to disturb and ocean all around. That way if something goes wrong and a rocket crashes there is little collateral damage??? They hope to start building next year and be firing rockets by 2020. Quite a boon as far as employment for this little town.

As our stop in Guysborough yesterday had been a short one we head out to explore the town

and surrounding region. The museum/tourist info is located in the old courthouse (circa 1843) with all the old furniture still in place. It looks like court could still be run here – very cool. The main street in town consists of several restored homes from the mid 1800’s and……………..what do you know, there are 2 businesses for sale with an open house happening. Donna is only too happy to tour - first a beautiful 2 storey pub building with harbour view deck and gorgeous pool table on second floor. This place has been lovingly restored with wood floors, wonderful wood beams – so neat! Across an open-air plaza there is a second 2 storey building housing a funky coffee shop and bike and kayak rental location. These buildings date from the mid 1800’s but have had extensive reno’s and are spectacular! All this for only a million dollars – what a deal! I manage to get Donna out before any papers are signed but she still thinks it would be a great idea.

Our next stop is Larry’s River which has an old “historic” footbridge stretching across the inlet so we stop for photo ops. Turns out they are having an Acadian Festival and a parade is heading our way complete with noise makers and flags blowing in the breeze. Some other folks are gathered on the bridge so we hang around while locals explain to us the Acadian noisy parade tradition that dates back to the 1700’s. There is also a rubber duck race in conjunction with the festival – this we have to see. A fellow rows up and the ducks are loaded onto his boat, after being blessed by the priest of course! They row a distance off shore then toss the ducks overboard where the wind and waves will carry them to shore. About this time it starts to rain so we bug out as we don’t have a duck in this race and my luck is probably the same as with horses anyway.

As we arrive at our truck we hear the cheers. The ducks make land and some lucky person is a winner- cause for celebration to be sure! The fog and rain persists as we wind through some small fishing hamlets and circle back to Canso. We decide that reading a book while sipping a coffee and Baileys is a very nice way to wait out the storm.

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