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I was scheduled to lead one tour today but we had all morning before I needed to report for duty.

We continue to be on watch with my cousin, John and look at the FB page for him first thing every morning. I think the love and prayers for him are the best reason he remains with us. It is a sad time for the family for sure.

Now, I’ll get on a happier note and tell you about our day. We completed our chores before sitting together with our books. Marilyn is reading a new book and I am writing the same book I’ve been working on for a matter of weeks. I now have to edit the last six chapters, design a cover, and format the book, and it will be ready to publish.

The hospital staff called this morning to remind me of my appointment on Monday. I’ll report to the Lab to have blood drawn at 5:15 AM. I should be finished with that by 5:30 and then I have a CT scan scheduled to begin at 7:00 AM. I have to drink a large amount of something before the CT scan but I don’t think tequila will qualify. I’ll let you know Monday evening when I write the journal entry, how things went.

Tuesday I have another appointment, this time with the Radiation Doctor and then I’ll know when the treatments will begin, what time of day, and how many treatments before they are finished with me. I also hope they will tell me how long I have to stay here once the radiation treatments are complete.

The tour group I led through the Mark Twain Cave this afternoon consisted mostly of High School youngsters from Kansas City. Besides the 22 students and two teachers, there were four adults and a six year old who joined the group.

This was a great group and I enjoyed every minute of it as did the people on the tour with me. I wish they were all like that. All I can say now is that Life is Good!

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