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Chimney Rock - a landmark on the Oregon Trail

Interesting country

Rugged country for a wagon train!

Such a cute fawn!

Colorado State University Trial Gardens


Growing well

Breckenridge, CO We have been wending our way through Nebraska on our way to Colorado. We live on the eastern edge of Nebraska. As we headed west, we left Omaha and Lincoln, the 2 largest cities, behind us. We went through mile after mile of corn crops and soy beans until we reached the Sandhills area. Almost half of Nebraska is ranch country. The rolling hills covered with waving grass are mesmerizing. Chimney Rock is a prominent geological rock formation in western Nebraska. Rising nearly 300’ above the surrounding valley, Chimney Rock was a landmark used by the pioneers as they journeyed west on the Oregon Trail. Naturally we checked it out before venturing into Colorado. In Colorado, we visited the Annual Flower Trial Gardens at Fort Collins. Beautiful! The entire garden, 20,000 square feet, is planted with annuals from late May through October. Pansies are planted in the fall and are on display through early spring. The place is awesome - and free! Continuing on, we kept driving up and up. By the time we reached Breckenridge we were at 9,600 feet – quite a change from 1,000’ at home.

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