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Driving to Concord, New Hampshire was quick and much like going to grandma's house. "Over the rivers and through the woods."

Tires were still a priority and we located a Ford dealer who had the right size. Yes, we tried other places that sold tires for less but no one had the 22" we needed. The appointment was for 2:15 the next day. Another worry off my husband's list.

I am becoming concerned that his hearing is getting worse or his ability to listen has greatly deminished.

The next day we went to the Mc Affie Planatarium, named after the teacher astronaut who lost her life when the rocket exploded. There was a program about all the junk in space and how it's becoming a problem. It's a problem for everyone, world wide, because every country has cell phone satellites, TV satellites, spy, GPS satellites and the space station. China is sending up a huge satellite to drive cars without people at the wheel. It was a great show. Watching how the orbits can cross and and cause collisions which make all the pieces join the obit around the earth @ 17,000 mph. There are programs to find a way to clean it up. Maybe satellite garbage trucks with magnets and recycle stations fascinating. Plus a bonus we did not anticipate, a really good lunch in the cafeteria.

On to get those elusive tires. We arrived at the dealership an hour early because even with late check out at the hotel we had no where else to go. There was a full waiting room. A young man, probably in his early thirties, and special needs, would pace and hold his breath. His mom would come and say "you must sit in the chair if you are going to hold your breath" and he would sit. He would remove his shirt, shoes and socks. She would say remember "we keep our clothes on when we are not at home." Her voice always remained kind but firm. He obeyed the best he could. She spoke to him about every 10 minutes. I wish I could have received her for an hour while we sat waiting. She looked so tired.

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