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Out spot for the night, nothing fancy but full hookups




Just a structure across the river in Juarez

We decide to press on to El Paso which has grown tremendously since I was here last. Our stop for the night is the Mission Trail MH and RV Park. Not much to look at but there is one spot left, pull through and 50 amps for only $25. We get set up and set out to find the Chamizal National Memorial.

Chamizal celebrates the peaceful settlement of a long standing dispute over the international border between Mexico and the United States. In 1864 massive flooding altered the course of the Rio Grande and started a 100-year dispute over the exact position of the border.

Both Presidents Kennedy and Johnson worked to resolve the dispute, build a concrete channel through the disputed areas and finally work out a lasting solution. The border is also secured here with not one but two separate fences and border guards patrolling both sides.

Events are held here to celebrate the festivals of both Mexico and the U.S.

It starts to rain and rains nearly all night but in the morning there is little evidence as it has all soaked into the sandy soil.

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