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Tongli water town

One of the houses in Tongli

When the skies opened up!

Panmen scenic area

Panmen gardens

Our journey to Suzhou was only around 25 minutes thanks to the bullet train. However given we had to queue for 30 minutes for the tickets itself and then wait another hour for the train, it was still quite a long journey.

We checked into our cute little boutique hotel and settled down for the evening.

The next day we decided to go to a small town outside of Suzhou called Tongli. It's quite famous for being a 1000 year old water town. The town itself was beautiful with cute little waterways for streets and lots of ancient houses which you could go in and visit. However, luck wasn't on our side and the rain came down heavily pretty much all day. None the less it was good to see the town. In the evening we went out to try and get Adam some medicine as he was still quite ill and got stuck in a pharmacy as the skies opened up again with the loudest thunder and brightest lightening we have ever seen. It felt like it was right above our heads!

The next day we explored a little of Suzhou itself. We visited the Panmen gate which is China's only water gate as well as the lovely surrounding gardens. We also visited Pingjiang street which houses lots of little souvenir shops and eateries and visited a small garden in the city which Suzhou is famous for. However when we tried to visit the most famous garden it was simply too hot and too busy to get in so we decided to head back to the hotel, pack up and head to our next destination which was Hangzhou.

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