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On the way to Batavia,NY we took an exit to use the restroom and get fuel. It required crossing the highway by way of a covered bridge and entering an area with the westbound people. The place was packed with tourists going to Niagara Falls,a McDonald's, pizza place, a souvenir shop, carnival machines, and a pretzel booth. Fuel was on the east bound side not available to those on the west bound side. It was odd and it made me think about who drew the plans to build it that way.

The next day we headed for Albany, NY. It was time for an oil change so we looked up a local Ford dealership and made an appointment for the next day. We were told on this 45,0000 mile check that our brakes were bad and we needed 4 new tires. While waiting the additional hours for the brakes to be changed my husband mentions they didn't feel right and there had been black brake dust on the wheels. No one else goes on a trip and has a the nation wide tour of Ford we always seem to. This dealer did not have the tires size we needed.

We got to the Best Western, inside pool good, having the doors in your room open onto the pool bad. Yes, the pool was full of children. Swimming, laughing, enjoying their parents attention, and at 10 pm silence. 7 am they were all back in the pool. One last swim before check out. I was one of those kids decades ago, who loved a good hotel pool. They were the happy sounds of children at play. After all you can't swim with an I-pad.

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