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Lumbering Exhibit at Visitor Center

Small Waterfall

Sue on Bridge over Waterfall

Menominee Marina

Car Show

SailBoat Race Start

And Away They Go!

Docking CSL

It has been a quiet and pleasant week in Menominee. The weather has been generally good with a coupled of days with some rain. The wifi has been so good that we have been able to watch Netflix on our television set. And we have found a couple of nice activities in the area.

Menominee lies in Michigan on the north side of the Menominee River. Route 41 southbound passes through the town and crosses a bridge over the river into Marinette, WI. We crossed the bridge and went to a Wisconsin Welcome Center located on a small island in the river. The folks there were very friendly and helpful. There was also a museum on the island that had lots of antique artifacts. We unwittingly agreed to take a tour with a nice lady who was even older than us. It wasn't exactly a fascinating tour, and the nice lady wasn't very knowledgeable, but it was still fun.

One of the things that we learned about at the Welcome Center and the Museum was the Peshtigo Fire. The fire occurred on the same day as the famous Chicago Fire in 1871. Three hundred people died in the Chicago Fire. Between 1200 and 2500 people died in the Peshtigo Fire. The Peshtigo Fire was a forest fire that turned into a fire storm and gave the people in the area almost no chance of escape. The few survivors managed to survive in the Peshtigo River which the fire jumped.

Back in Menominee we discovered the lake front on First Street. On Wednesday we went down to see a fun sail boat race with fifteen boats entered. That turned out to be interesting enough that we returned to First Street on Saturday for a classic auto show, farmer's market and a 35-sailboat race. The farmer's market was a dud and the auto show only mildly interesting for us, but we enjoyed the start of the boat race.

Across the river from our campground is the Fincantieri Marinette Marine. It is a ship building company that has a contract with the United States Navy to build and maintain Littoril Combat Ships. On Saturday, when I returned to the marina in an attempt to watch the end of the race and Sue and Annie stayed home, one of the LCS came steaming through the middle of the race headed for the river. I called Sue and she was able to watch as the brought the ship into dockage at the plant.

Our other activity this week occurred on Friday when we went for a partial tour of Marinette County's fourteen waterfalls. The map we had wasn't very clear or descriptive, but we were able to manage the 45-minute drive to the first waterfall at a nice little park on a remote road west of Crivitz, WI. It was a nice little waterfall. we journeyed north from there to stop number two at another nice little park in an even more remote location with the road having turned to dirt. That park really didn't have a waterfall. I had only some small rapids and several bridges.

We continued north on the dirt road to the third nice little remote park with a nice little waterfall. Despite their lack of exciting water, the tours of the parks were pleasant and Annie enjoyed exploring too. From park number three we journeyed north for quite some distance on the dirt road until we reached US Hwy 8 and turned east. Since we had not reached the Menominee River and were still in Wisconsin, I assumed that we were still south of Menominee. So when we reached highway 141 I turned north. Fortunately, Sue google mapped our campground and said, "It looks like it is south of here." I stopped and we looked at the map. Sure enough it turned out that the Menominee River doesn't run west. It runs southwest. Although we were still south of the river, we were well north and west of the campground. Stopped for an ice cream cone and then drove the hour-long drive southeast to Menominee.

Well, it's been a fun stay in Menominee. But it's time to move on. Hopefully, the slides and levelers and rear-view mirror will all behave tomorrow as we travel 23-miles across the water to Ellison Bay. Needless to say, the Phaeton doesn't float so we will be driving 133 miles down to Green Bay and then back north on the other side of the bay to our destination.

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