St Louis Arch at Casino Queen RV Park

Night View


Haworth Park just south of Omaha, NE

Land Between the Lakes - Kentucky

Sunset over Land Between the Lakes NRA

Land Between the Lakes NRA

Hmmm....will we see any?


Baby Bison!

Big Bison a bit too close!

When in Kentucky...WHISKEY!

Line up the usual suspects

A professional taster!

Modifying the front cabinets

Adding insulation to cool them down

Original Depth of front cabinets

Moved the panel back and gained 2.5"

Finished....just a little stain needed for the wood

Insulation for the Pull-Out Pantry

Lining the pantry to keep our food cooler

It is a tight job

And another mod - Surge Protector Install

In another tight space - of course

Site #19 Anchor Down! Loved it!

Finally time with my sister, Carol (doing some sewing for me)

Carol's visiting at Anchor Down RV Resort

We rented a pontoon boat for a little down time

Finally a beautiful day

Even Heidi enjoyed herself

With the wind in our hair

Back to mods...need power for WIFI

Storage Bay Mods....shelves, trays and bins installed

Next...Sofa Modification

Before- divided Chairs

The Master at work

All reclining but no longer divided - DONE

Whew...time to relax

It is a very good life!

We’ve been in our new Allegro Bus for over a month now. The transition has been good but there are numerous hurdles and modifications to get through. We’ve been moving about the mid-west and south as we’ve worked on these issues. This hasn’t allowed us much time for sight-seeing…but the weather has been so freaking hot and humid, and rainy that sight-seeing hasn’t been much of an option.

Moving into a new coach brings a lot of challenges. We’ve (once again) taken our entire household and paired it down to fit into a 40’ mobile box. Despite our best efforts, we still ended up with too much stuff. Meanwhile, Marty is making modifications to the Bus to assist us in full-time living. His list of projects has been quite extensive and despite the heat, humidity and rain, he will not be waylaid.

Some of his projects were installing our WIFI system (exterior antenna, power booster, router) -then deciding we needed to upgrade our WIFI system and doing it all over again…..insulating the food pantry (the heat was intense), wiring in a surge protector (many parks do not have steady power – especially when they are full in summer), expanding and insulating our front cabinets (increased from 2” to 4.5”), installing 3 rooftop vent covers (which apparently no longer come standard with the coach) Reconfiguring our theater seating and installing racks in his outside bays to help organize his tools to complete these projects.

And with every new RV there are a myriad of things to learn and break. We discovered that Marty’s engine monitoring software – that he runs on his tablet as we travel – caused a “fault” with Cummins motor and cost a few hours at a Cummins repair shop. One morning as we were preparing to leave, a slideout would not roll back in. The slide controls are now located on the front Captain’s chairs. After much consternation, we discovered that when we rotated the chairs to face the living area, it pulled the slide wires apart.

I’ve posted a few pictures of the projects and additional pictures of some of the fun stuff we’ve done...including a tour of the Land Between the Lakes Recreational Area, a quick stop at a Kentucky Distillery (think whiskey) and a birthday visit/RV trip with my sister, Carol – now a seasoned RVer.

Eventually, all these projects will wind down and we can begin exploring and enjoying our life on the road. We know these are small bumps on a long and adventure filled journey. And we all know….it is a very good life!

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