2017 Milena with Campbells & Bareboat Bora Bora travel blog

This was our crossing in strong winds, and waves

Check out the Beaufort Scale. We were at Beaufort scale 7 in...

Sivota, Lefkas and surrounding area for the next few days

Skyler, sitting between the zodiac arms

David just enjoying the ride, the sun and the day

Sivota, Lefkas

Putting the dinghy back into the water

Putting the dinghy back into the water

Putting the dinghy back into the water

Walking in the small town

Shopping anyone?

What a beautiful plant

Dessert in the local crepe/waffle shop

Yummy crepe for Skyler

David and his enormous desire of ice cream and waffles

Today is going to be the longest travel day of this trip. We have to go 43 miles, from Anti-Paxos to Sivota, Lefkas. Milena travels around 6 - 8 miles pere hour -- so 7 hours, roughly.

. What made this crossing even more difficult was the wind and the wave action. At certain points of this crossing we were at Beaufort 7.

. I was worried about Priscilla -- but she handled it very well. Both she and Griffin was not feeling at all well, during this 7 hour period -- but both of them made it through like champions. I am so proud of them -- and the entire Campbell family for being the fun loving adventurous, people who are always up for anything.



A of 7 + hours later, we entered the respite of Sivota... and very popular place, for not only the young, but the old as well.

. Next thing to do was re-launch the dinghy... which when it is windy can be a challenge .


Since we were "on the route" so to speak, lunch became more like "L-INNER", according to Griffin. Our linner

Was at 5:30...... After that, and a slight snooze by the crew, Jacques took us into town in the dinghy. Such a cute little town this is.


.After shopping/brouzing it was definitely time for our daily dose if ice cream and crepes.

All with full tummys, back to Milena we went. After a quickly game of Roll Out -- and Grammy winning.... we said goodnight.

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