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We slept in late today. I got up about 7:15 and went out on the balcony so as not to disturb Jean. She awoke about 8:00. We decided today would be a beach day, so she went down and picked a spot while I showered. Then after I showered, we went down on the beach to the cabana, same as two days ago. We went to breakfast at Portofino's for a la carte breakfast about 9:30. I had the french toast and Jean created an omelet with shrimp and feta cheese. It was a large omelet, so I helped her finish.

Then we were back on the beach reading and relaxing. We went into the water briefly. Then about 12:15, I left the beach. I found that Doggies was closed again, so no hot dog, again. Bummer.

Back in the room, I showered and caught up with the blog. Jean came back about 30 minutes later. She decided she wanted to use the soaking tub on the balcony. She drew the water and soaked for about 20 minutes.

Then we relaxed, read the Sunday newspaper online, and watched the Michael Keaton Batman movie. We went over to the resort store. On the way, Jean dropped off two books she had finished at the Sandals Lounge library. At the store, I wanted a post card, and Jean bought something for the Christmas tree. Then we went to the Piano Bar for the Martini Hour. We just killed time listening to the music until 6:00 when the restaurants open.

We tried Portofino's Italian Restaurant tonight. For our appetizers, Jean had Carpaccio di Manzo, and I had a soup, Zupa Gran Farro (it was ok). We both ordered the same entrée, Ossobucco Alla Piemontese. It was so tender and tasty. You did not need a knife. We both skipped dessert.

Then the usual evening. We went over to the pub for two games of pool. Then we headed over to the Café de Paris for Jean to grab a crêpe for dessert, and while it was being made, I had a coconut ice cream cone. Then we ate on the patio and afterwards played cards. Next we watched TV before hitting the sack.

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