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Cub Scout Chair

Squirrel Hill Gospel Station

Clinton House

Clinton House

Watermelon Festival 1

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Big Watermelon

Dos Loco Gringos

We shopped from Conway to Beebe today and we were done by noon. There was so much road construction, it was hard to make stops, especially on the opposite side of the road. We only purchased 25 items and spent about $95. Our “Find of the Day” is two Hawk Shot mugs by Smirnoff (we made sure the picture has the recipe on it for you – Y-U-K!!! Gene had a Broncos T-shirt on and when the yard sale host saw it, he ran into house and came back wearing his Broncos jersey! Later, another young man gave us a shout out saying the Broncos were his favorite team. Imagine that. We scored a cub scout uniform shirt with pins and really colorful patches; set of 8 really deep red cocktail tumblers; some more Chinese Checkers; some more Corning Ware and Visions cookware; another giant peanut butter jar – glass with the metal lid; old fluted pie plates; Chicken Fryer; Nocona cattle rustlin’ belt buckle; a Songburst Game; a two-sided puzzle with US on one side and the world on the other from the 70s; and more!

There are SO many churches here from really elaborate, gigantic buildings to churches in farm utility buildings with steel siding. Today, we pulled in a driveway to turn around at an old gas station which is now the “SQUIRREL HILL GOSPEL STATION.” I just have 3 words for this – “fill ‘er up!!!

We drove to Hope, Arkansahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh from Beebe. This is the birthplace of Bill Clinton and we went to his childhood home. So cool to see the humble beginnings of somebody so famous. I might put that on my bucket list – to see all the presidential birthplaces. I tried to do the baseball parks, but they kept building new ones and moving teams around to new locations.

Then, we were off to the 41st Annual Hope Watermelon Festival hosted by Tyson. Tyson has all kinds of chicken farms here in Arkansas (Conagra and Butterball are here, too). The watermelon festival was filled with food trucks, craft booths, church booths, and a couple stages. There was a 120-pound watermelon at our hotel, but the one at the park was about 5 times that size. They had the watermelon “seed spittin’” contest last night – say that 10 times really fast. The girl at our hotel spewed obscenities three times trying to tell us about it! Tonight is the Watermelon Eating Contest and a concert with Joe Diffie (everyone is so excited about Joe Diffie and I do not who he is!!!). It was a fun afternoon walking through the park.

We couldn’t figure out what to have for dinner, when out of the blue we spotted a restaurant with our name on it! DOS LOCO GRINGOS. When we walked in, the young lady asked, “How many?” I, of course, responded, “Dos loco gringos.” As expected, the Mexican food is a little different here. The burrito and enchilada was smothered with a cheese and sour cream sauce (no green chili). The appetizer, a Mexican shrimp cocktail was DELICIOSO – it had large shrimp with sauce made with avocados, lime juice, cilantro, tomatoes, and chilis. Yummy!

Well, I am signing off early because I AM GOING DIAMOND HUNTING TOMORROW!!! I have waited SO long. I must have my best game on!

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