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The 13 km Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island

The bridge from the PEI end

I was stopped for roadworks so took a photo of the healthy-looking...

The Canadian Potato Museum

The West Point lighthouse is still an operating light but you can...

I’m now on Prince Edward Island, Canada’s smallest province which is only 280 km from tip to tip with a population of just under 150,000.

I crossed the Northumberland Strait from New Brunswick via the amazing 13 km Confederation Bridge (yes, that’s right, thirteen). Opened in 1997, it’s considered one of Canada’s top engineering achievements of the 20th Century. It took 4 years to build, employed 5,000 workers & cost $1 billion. It’s a toll bridge but you only pay when you’re leaving the island.

I called in at the Canadian Potato Museum situated, quite fittingly I thought, in a town called O’Leary. Prince Edward Island (PEI) grows 1/3 of Canada’s potato crop & if it was a country it would be among the top 30 potato producers in the world.

I happened to be there at lunchtime & of course, the restaurant cooked everything potato including Potato Fudge. Their baked potatoes looked good but I noticed Poutine on their menu. I’d seen this in Quebec but didn’t know what it was so thought I should try something different.

It’s actually chips (French fries) topped with cheese curd & gravy. Very healthy of course & I found it quite disgusting. I found out later that Poutine means Mess in French & that’s about right. The lady next door in the campground told me their lobster season started on Tuesday so I’ll stick to the seafood. (She's also told me how to cook the lobster & said they're selling for $6 a pound at the local wharf).

So far I’ve seen lots of potato fields but also corn, canola & different kinds of grain. Most of the island appears to be farmland with very little native vegetation left. I’m still feeling the effects of the Poutine for lunch so I’ll pass on the lobster tonight but I have some beautiful fresh corn to go with my leftover chicken.

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