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At the beach cabana

View from the beach cabana

It has been a beautiful day, with no rain.

We went to breakfast in our swimsuits. We had a la carte breakfast at Portofino's restaurant. The host asked us how we enjoyed Kimonos last night. (He was the Sandals Restaurants Manager and we saw him last night.) I had Egg Benedict with salmon. Jean had french toast. We then proceed to the beach to find a place for the morning. Jean picked a cabana for us. We placed our towels and items in the cabana.

We then needed to do a couple of things. When Jean found out the VIP snorkeling trip was three hours, she decided to skip it. She only likes to snorkel for about twenty minutes. So she went to cancel the trip, and she wanted to go on the Island Tour on Friday, instead of Saturday. So I went to the Trip Desk and requested the change. No problem.

We then hit the beach for the morning. Reading, relaxing, swimming, having drinks delivered, etc. While in the water, we could see the cranes working at the new Sandals Royal Barbados next door which is due to open at the end of the year. Not only have they been working at the new resort, but also making repairs/improvements at our resort during the day.

At noon, we went over to Doggies, the hot dog stand. I had the Pork Dog with pulled pork, and Jean had the Christ Church hot dog with bacon, cheese, onion, and a rum BBQ sauce. After the hot dog, we gathered our stuff and returned to the room. We had a 2:00 couples massage appointment. We both wanted to wash off the sand, grit and sunscreen lotion before the massage.

We went over to the Red Lane Spa about 1:40 because there would be paperwork to fill out. Done with the paperwork, we met the two young ladies who would be our masseuses. They escorted us outside to cottage #3 that was set for couple massages. We had a nice (too short) 30 minute massage. We chose for them to do massage our backs and then flip over and do the shoulders. Again, it was too short, but hey, it was free! Jean has a scrub tomorrow, at 3:00 and I scheduled a mani/pedi for 3:30.

We then returned to the room, where Jean showered (again) and washed her hair. We relaxed until it was time for the cocktail party. I hope we are not the only ones again. I mean it is nice having the individual attention, but it is even better when you talk with others. I know it is off season, and I doubt that right now there is even 50% capacity at the resort, but come on.

Sure enough, we were the only ones at the beginning of the party. (These parties are for those who are at concerige and butler level only.) Then the same couple from Atlanta we met last night at the wine tasting appeared and we had a nice chat with them. The Club had a nice spread with spring rolls, hors d'oeuvres, nachos, and wings. Then you could have any cocktail you wanted.

The couple from Atlanta was very interesting. He had been in the Army for 28 years, and now works at the CDC, not as a doctor, but coordinates some of the programs. He told us about the Zika outbreak and what preventive measures they did in Puerto Rico to combat the disease. The couple have been in Atlanta since 2004. Before that they had been all over the country, and in Korea and Germany. They also have been to all of the Sandals islands like us. (This will be our last Sandals vacation.)

We left about 7:00 to go over to Schooner's Seafood Grill restaurant for dinner. I enjoyed the seafood & fish ceviche appetizer. Jean tried the smoked chicken salad appetizer. Then she had Peppered Reef Shrimp (their signature dish) with rice and vegetables. My entree was the Surf and Turf which was a nice beef filet and a skewer of shrimp and scallops, with mashed potatoes and vegetables. For dessert, I had the Pina Colada Gateau. Jean skipped dessert because she was going to do the Chocolate Buffet at 9:00. On our way out of the restaurant, we conversed with the couple married for 60 years we met last night.

After dinner, we saw the Nottingham couple at a bar and talked with them for a while. We returned to the room and watched a PBS begathon with Peter, Paul & Mary and Pete Seeger until 9:00.

We then went down to the Chocolate Buffet. Jean flitted back and forth between the five tables of various chocolate dipping sauces, covered strawberries, mousse cups, etc. We saw some of the couples we have met, but just waved. The band was too loud too hear and talk. Also, there was a chocolate drink table which Jean skipped because the line was too long (a popular table). At the dipping table, I grabbed a plate and took some of the fruit to have. Then we returned to the room and sat on the balcony so Jean could eat her plate of goodies and hear the band, and on one of the slow numbers we danced on the balcony.

Then we retired to read and watched some TV.

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