Main gate to the air base

B-52 on static display at the main gate

A minuteman missile on display


Our setup at the FAMCAMP

Our setup at GFAFB FAMCAMP, notice the wheat behind the coach

OUr setup

The view out our front window

From Minot Air Force Base to Grand Forks Air Force Base it was an easy drive of about 218 miles, with a lunch stop in Devils Lake. We signed in and got setup all by 3 p.m. Dave was stationed here back in 1974 as a Law Enforcement specialist. His son, Kent, was born here at the base hospital during a terrible snow storm or rather a blizzard. With a drive around the base streets it is apparent that much has changed during the ensuing 43 years, new buildings, some old buildings have been replaced and such. But the biggest changes are no more B-52's or Minuteman missiles !!! That's right, but what has appeared in their place are the new UAV's, Global Hawk. UAV's are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, please don't call them "drones", Dave cringes at the term. These are extremely sophisticated, electro-mechanical wonders which can take off, fly and land, even park themselves without the help of a pilot if necessary! Drones are so much more crass of a term left over from a time (50's and 60's) in the Air Force when we used to shoot drone targets out of the sky for practice. Anyway, we have several things to see and do while here, so enjoy the pictures and the stories.

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