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I hope I remembered to bring my discus

And you think YOU have a litter problem ?!

Entry area to the Olympia site

Olympic site ruins

Two World Class Clowns !

Walkway to the Competition Field

The actual Competition Field

Lidia & George neck n neck down the homestretch

Crossing the Finish Line

The Victor

Katakolon is a much smaller town than Heraklion. It reminded me of some of the small towns I've visited in the Greek Islands. Our day's excursion is about 30 minutes from the port to visit the site of the original Olympic Games.

The site is very park-like; as in you are walking in a large park with trees and grassy fields, but that happens to have a bunch of old Greek stone ruins scattered about.

The Competition Fields are a large expanse of grass with slight rises along both sides; I guess where the spectators could better view the action slightly below. Evidently there is no evidence that there were 'stands' as we know them to sit on; picnic blankets on the grass I guess. Nor did we see any hot dog, popcorn or beer vendor stations.

Our overnight cruise ends in Venice tomorrow morning, where we will spend a few days exploring the city.

Ciao for now

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