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LBJ boyhood hopme

the original iphone, no need to dial party line

early short wave radio


ice box


school LBJ attended on the ranch

his father's house

part of theherd

presidential plane used for short hops from San Antonio to ranch

car used for hunting on ranch complete with bar

amphibian car

lay out of home


Aug 6, 2017, Texas hill country, lots of green grass, trees, cows, horses, small towns and the road winds around curves and up and down small hills. We have just crossed Lake Whitney Dam again, crossed it yesterday also on our way to the mammoths.

We are staying at the Roadrunner RV Park, $40, with Good Sam discount, full hookups, and a pull thru.

After getting checked in we head out to the LBJ National Historical Park. There are two locations, one here in Johnson City and the other is the ranch. The one in town is the where Johnson lived from 5 years of age of age until he was 15. We watch a movie on his presidency, tour the exhibits and then get a chance to tour the home. It has been reconstructed to the way it was during his years here using recollections from over 60 different people.

We now head out to the ranch and get our car pass and a driving tour CD. Unfortunately, our CD player will not work. So we have to stop and read the story boards. We also stop and watch the cows and their calves, one is trying to nurse. We get signed up for the house tour and in just a few minutes we head off with the ranger. We tour LBJ’s office and then head outside to the pool. The pool was added after LBJ suffered a heart attack so he could exercise. He did not follow doctor’s orders very well.

The house became the second White House for LBJ and when he came here on the weekends he would return to Washington on Monday rejuvenated. The house has been redone to look as it did in the 1960’s during his presidency, even though the Johnson’s lived here for years afterward until his death in 1973 and hers in 2007. The ranch was turned over to the NPS in 2008.

The ranch is huge and so is the house, over 8,000 sq ft. but it is not ostentatious. It is functional and what you would expect of a family in the middle-income bracket. A lot of the extra space was added as the family grew and to accommodate visiting heads of state and of course, the secret service.

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