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Monday 31st July 2017


Up late today, then to breakfast. At about 11:00am, we went out. It was a scorching hot day, up to about 48C, so we walked down to the creek and had a ride on an abra up and back for about half an hour. An abra is a boat with a seat down the middle of the boat where passengers look outwards, it has a cover over the seating area and the driver sits in a place below deck and it has a rudder manually operated by the driver. There are many tall buildings and floating restaurants along the creek and although hot, it was interesting to see. When we finished, we came back and then looked through the Dubai Museum opposite the hotel then back for a short rest, then in the afternoon, walked to the metro about 700 metres away and caught the train to the Dubai Mall. When we arrived at the station there, we walked about 20 minutes along an air conditioned tunnel to the mall. Stupendous is one word to describe this place. It's like Parramatta Westfield on steroids. We had some dinner in the food court and viewed the beautiful Burj Khalifa building from the outside. It is an amazing building, stylish, delicate, and very tall! We then watched the fountain water display, floodlit and accompanied by music, twice before heading back to the station and the train back to our end of town. It was still exceptionally hot by the time we returned to our hotel around 10:00pm. Great day exploring, lots of fun!

Tuesday 1st August 2017


Up early today breakfast around 7:30am. Very excited as it was the day we were going to the top of the Burj Khalifa, tallest building in the world. After breakfast, we did the same journey out to the Dubai Mall that we did yesterday, by train. Arrived a bit after 10:00am and went to the place where the tour starts, and while we waited, had a small cup of Arabian coffee. Then we were escorted to the 148th level with a guide, treated to juice and nibbles and took in the view. It was just a fantastic wonderful building and the "At the Top Burj Khalifa" experience exceeded all our expectations. We had about 45 minutes at the top level, we walked around inside, outside, sat in the armchairs and generally enjoyed ourselves looking at the views. Dubai looks quite shady from up there. We then went down to the 125th level to the general viewing area for some more time taking in the views. There were a whole lot more people down there, but the views were still great. After about an hour and a half, we went back down and had some lunch and did some shopping. Back to the hotel and then out again to the nearby souk for last minute shopping. We met a friend for dinner. Evaristus was our guide in Cameroon in 2013 and he now lives in Dubai and works as a chef in an Italian restaurant. We had a very nice time with him catching up on old times. Packed our bags before we went to bed as we leave early in the morning.

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