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I wasn’t really planning to go anywhere today but I wanted to change sites so I had to pack up anyway. I went for a drive along the Miramichi River, away from town because I need to do that another day.

The Miramichi is known as one of the best salmon fishing rivers in Canada & I noticed there was an Atlantic Salmon Museum just down the road & I thought that might be interesting & I might also be able to pick up some salmon for dinner tonight.

It turned out that the museum was 72 km down the road & it was more of a fishing museum with lots of photos of different kinds of fish & all kinds of different fishing flies, rods & reels. Not what I was looking for at all although there were a few interesting bits.

It was a pleasant drive & I did find the oldest covered bridge in New Brunswick. I settled into my new spot & got the satellite TV set-up so watched some tennis this afternoon but sadly I couldn’t find any salmon for sale so it’s pasta for dinner tonight.

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