Where in the world are Wayne and Donna heading now travel blog

the tourist hub of Summerside.....

.....not a BIG attraction.....

....but very nicely done!

Exploring Summerside and the waterfront area was our plan for the day. There is a 6km boardwalk so we parked at one end and strolled into the shopping and visitors info area. The area seems a little rundown with some of the colorful shops at Spinnakers Landing offering the usual tourist wares but it was pretty quiet with not much going on. It didn’t take long to complete our investigation of this area so B&R decide to head back to the Brackley Beach area to have a little beach and cycle time of their own before heading on to New Brunswick.

Our mission was to deal with replacing our lost phone and so we hit the kiosks at the mall to try to find an inexpensive phone. This proves much more difficult than expected but the employees are helpful, suggesting sites where used phones may be available. This requires us to huddle at McDonalds sending inquires to ads posted on several sites and wait for responses. Eventually we learn about unlocking phones and everything we learn brings up more questions so back to the kiosk for answers.

By now it is getting dark so we decide to head out to the old air force base to find a spot to booney cruise for the night. The rain is pouring down by the time we approach the rec center area so we slide in there and call it a night.

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